Sick Policy

The following sick policy is in place to ensure protection of both AKP clients as well as my own family:

-Anyone presenting the following symptoms will be asked NOT to come to the studio and reschedule for AT LEAST five days after symptoms end: barking cough, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, rash, spots near hands, feet or mouth, runny nose, or any other symptom of a communicable disease that spreads easily.

-If you come to the studio with these symptoms despite the policy in place, I reserve the right to ask you to leave and you will forfeit your session fee.

-These terms will be outlined in the contract each client signs as well.

As a maternity and baby photographer, I work with very fragile clients and it is my number one priority to protect them from the unnecessary spread of germs. I will always reschedule if I ever feel unwell myself. I understand that this temporary inconvenience of rescheduling is a much better solution than multiple people contracting an illness that could have been easily avoided. Thank you all for understanding this policy.

Ally Kimpton is an acclaimed professional photographer in Galloway, NJ specializing in fine art photography.